Thursday, January 1, 2009

How to get the STAINS out of diapers -

As much as we all *try* to keep stains from getting on our *ahem* our child's diapers, its inevitable that you will finally get stains that don't come out in just the wash. I remember the days of breastfed poop that was super easy to wash and our diapers looked brand new for months!

Now that my daughter is 14 months, that isn't the case so much ...

SO, even though your stains WILL come out with normal washing eventually (and it doesn't affect the FUNCTION of the diapers at all), HOW do you get those pesky stains out of your *ahem - your child's* beautiful diapers? ;)

You can -
  • Make a paste of CrunchyClean diaper detergent and let it sit on your diapers.
  • Put 2 T of Crunchy Clean with a scoop of oxygen cleaner (Seventh Generation makes one, Sun makes one, and then there's the oxi-clean brand) in hot water and let diapers soak overnight.
  • Spray lemon juice on diapers and sun them.
  • Spray bacout on diapers and let sit in diaper pail until wash time.
  • Spray bacout on diapers and sun them.
  • Sun wet clean diapers.
  • Bleach - last resort, and not recommended for some diaper manufacturers so check the recommendations.

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