Sunday, March 28, 2010

BLUE diapers!?!

I posted on Saturday night of this week about how I was washing my daughter's diapers in Tea Tree and Grapefruit Crunchy Clean ... I was feeling so on top of things, caught up with laundry, house was clean and organized - I'm such an awesome work at home mom ;)  ... having a great weekend!

Then, I opened the washing machine after the load was finished -- I glanced in our frontloader a few times and kept seeing a blue hue in there, but thought surely that I was seeing things.

I.WAS.NOT.  I wish I had pictures to prove it, but could I make this up?  

Seriously ... I opened the washer and to my shock EVERY diaper in the washing machine -- all the inserts to our Bumgenius 3.0s, the inside portion of several BG AIO Organics, several WAHM pockets and even a few Goodmama fitteds were BLUE --- like THIS hue.  I'm not exagerrating.

There was a pen in the diaper pail -- which, not really to my surprise, must have been a toddler thing :O)  I should've checked, I know.  But who would check for pens inside the diaper pail?  :P  I will now  :O)  The entire pen exploded and was almost unrecognizable! 

I thought about half of our stash was going to be a pretty shade of blue -- seriously, inserts and all ... because I just knew the only thing that I might could get it out with was chlorine bleach and I wasn't really willing to go that far.

But, I convinced myself to throw them in the bathtub in hot water and several tablespoons of Crunchy Clean OXYGEN cleaner ....

And they came out a pretty shade of WHITE from soaking overnight -- nothing else, just hot water and oxygen cleaner.  :O)  

Ahhh, normal looking diapers once again. 


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Jessie said...

I wish I had that when a red washcloth got mixed in with my SON's diapers and turned them all PINK lol!