Saturday, March 27, 2010

Feedback :)

Loving recent feedback, so I thought I'd share it here: 

"got my order today! We did a no more stinky diaper happy dance! :o)"

"I got my first order today (China Rain) I washed my diapers in it and I LOVED how clean they came they are soft and smell wonderful. When they were in the wash I could smell the sent down the hall I ♥ it"

"I just ordered my CC last week - and we live overseas - and it came in today! Great timing as we were set to do diapers. I now have 25 diapers hanging in the laundry room and about 45 inserts drying in the dryer all smelling like Baby Bee Clean ;)"

I want to say thanks for the quick service...ordered with the St. Patrick's day special coupon BEGREEN and got my package, along with the free scoop. THANKS!!"

"I bought a handful of samples to try out different scents, all diaper detergent, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff! It cleans my cloth diapers wonderfully, they're all so nice and white and fresh! I'm excited to order more!"

"Received my CC yesterday... ahhhhhhh!! I will never, never, NEVER allow myself to run out of CC again! Laundry is just so much more... enjoyable! :) Thank you!"

 "I'm starting on a new bag and am going to order the next batch so it wont even be close!!! I WILL NEVER USE ANYTHING ELSE!!! everything is so bright and clean... and soft without softener!!!

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