Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crailey's Fundraiser

Many of you know we had a new baby in November 2010. Her name is Crailey, I can't believe she's already almost 10 months! She was born with a host of health issues, and we are facing a second surgery to correct this problem (which has resulted in a urinary tract infection and other issues more then monthly) on September 20.  (UPDATE - SURGERY WENT WELL, SHE IS RECOVERING NICELY AS OF EARLY OCTOBER AND WILL HAVE A PROCEDURE TO REMOVE A STINT IN 2 WEEKS AND WE'LL KNOW IF IT WORKED!)

 is Crailey's story via google doc, please read it! :) 

We are putting together a fundraiser for Crailey's Medical Bills. 

Not only are other businesses donating their items (value of $10 or more), Crunchy Clean is also donating GIFT CARDS depending on how much we raise. 

For instance:

  • >$200 = $50 gift certificate
  • >$400 = 2 $50 gift certificates
  • >$500 = 2 $50, 2 $25
  • >800 = 2 $50, 2 $25 and 4 $10
  • If we make it to $1000, we will do: 1 $100, 1 $50, 4 $25, and 6 $10
Please use this button to donate

Prizes available are extensive and valuable - list here

We will take entries until 10/10/11 and then we will close entries and let choose winners based on the entries (which will be numbered) :)

Good luck, and most of all -- THANK you! :) 

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She's beautiful!