Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crailey's Fundraiser

Many of you know we had a new baby in November 2010. Her name is Crailey, I can't believe she's already almost 10 months! She was born with a host of health issues, and we are facing a second surgery to correct this problem (which has resulted in a urinary tract infection and other issues more then monthly) on September 20.  (UPDATE - SURGERY WENT WELL, SHE IS RECOVERING NICELY AS OF EARLY OCTOBER AND WILL HAVE A PROCEDURE TO REMOVE A STINT IN 2 WEEKS AND WE'LL KNOW IF IT WORKED!)

 is Crailey's story via google doc, please read it! :) 

We are putting together a fundraiser for Crailey's Medical Bills. 

Not only are other businesses donating their items (value of $10 or more), Crunchy Clean is also donating GIFT CARDS depending on how much we raise. 

For instance:

  • >$200 = $50 gift certificate
  • >$400 = 2 $50 gift certificates
  • >$500 = 2 $50, 2 $25
  • >800 = 2 $50, 2 $25 and 4 $10
  • If we make it to $1000, we will do: 1 $100, 1 $50, 4 $25, and 6 $10
Please use this button to donate

Prizes available are extensive and valuable - list here

We will take entries until 10/10/11 and then we will close entries and let choose winners based on the entries (which will be numbered) :)

Good luck, and most of all -- THANK you! :) 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spread the Word Contest Winners!!

Our SPREAD THE WORD contest with over, with some great effort at the end to scoot ahead!

Winners win:

1st place: a $50 gift certificate to Crunchy
2nd place: a $25 gift certificate to
3rd place: a Crunchy Clean Starter Kit (80 load soap in your choice of everyday or cloth diaper)
4th place: $10 gift certificate to

And ..... The WINNERS are:

1st Place: Michelle Murphy
2nd Place: Heather
3rd Place: Annie Valentine
4th Place: Trisha Jackson

Congrats! Thank you all for participating!

Please contact me via email at and I'll get you your winnings!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Winner Announcement!

We are now at 1030 followers on facebook, wow!  Thanks to everyone who shared us with your friends, and welcome to new followers!  :)

Crunchy Clean on Facebook

$50 gift certificate winner goes to ....

Drum Roll Please ;)


Entry Number 12!   Congrats Jen!  :O)

Blogger Winkydinks said...
I like to use natural cleaning products because I can't stand the though of having chemicals on my skin, or in the air I breathe at home. I also can't stand the smell of regular detergent, it gives me headaches!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whew, we flew past 1000 facebook followers!

In less then a week, we went from around 900 facebook followers to over 1000!  :)

We are going to now do a drawing where the winner (randomly chosen via will win a $50 gift certificate to! 

IF you are a facebook fan, you are welcome to enter!

Here's the deal: ENTER only ONCE here on our blog, with the reason why you like to use green cleaning products and why its so important to you.  :)  Be sure to leave your contact info in this format:  crunchyclean    (at)  gmail  (dot) com. 

Entries will be taken for the next 24 hours, so the entries will end April 9 at 4 pm central.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April's Scent of the Month

Scent of the Month -- A scent I choose that's either date appropriate, or a yummy scent I found and want to share with you all!

To top it off, its discounted and available IN-STOCK so it ships in 1-3 business days.

April Scent of the Month: Mintrus Essential Oil Blend :)
A peppermint and orange essential oil blend that's bound to cool you off and refresh you in the impending warm and sunny weather!
(IN addition, orange with its degreasing properties and peppermint with its antibacterial properties is sure to leave you with some happy laundry!)

Click here to find this listed at!

RANDOM winner announced!

First random winner announced for our Spread the Word contest!

Its Annie Valentine, who made a great video about how she washes her cloth diapers!

Small Print: Random winner was picked by printing out entries and letting my toddler pick one :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spread the Word Contest

The winner of this contest is the person who can spread the word the farthest about Crunchy Clean and the line of products we have. 


Here's the deal -- between now and April 22 (Earth Day 2010), we're going to use whatever means necessary to tell others about Crunchy Clean.  

Word of mouth is the best advertising, so we want to reward you for telling ... whoever you want!  

The point is to get the most points possible - whoever acquires the most at the end of the game get:
1st place: a $50 gift certificate to Crunchy
2nd place: a $25 gift certificate to
3rd place: a Crunchy Clean Starter Kit (80 load soap in your choice of everyday or cloth diaper)
4th place: $10 gift certificate to
The activities have different values in our game:
  • Tweet about the Spread the Word game or Crunchy Clean- (one entry a day) is worth 1 point - tag the #clothdiapers and @CrunchyClean  :) 
  • Follow @CrunchyClean on twitter - 2 points
  • Become a fan of Crunchy Clean on Facebook- 2 points
  • Visit one of our retailers sites and show them some love. -  1 point
  • Blog about Crunchy Clean- 5 points
  • Leave a review for CC on the Diaperpin 5 points
  • Put a Crunchy Clean graphic in the sidebar your blog (find it here at the bottom of the pg )- 10 points
  • Share the Crunchy Clean link or write a note about CC on Facebook or your Fan Page- 2 points
  • Get a friend to buy some Crunchy Clean- 2 points for samples, 10 points for full size bags
  • Buy some CC yourself (or for a friend)- 2 points for samples, 10 points for a full size bag
  • Make a video for youtube or other similar video sharing site about how you wash your cloth diapers -- be sure to mention Crunchy Clean!!!  20 points
  • Contact your favorite cloth diaper website or store, or your favorite children's store!  Ask them to carry Crunchy Clean!  When they place their first order, you get 50 points!
  • Start a post about Crunchy Clean (either type - CD or Everyday) on a forum or message board- 5 points
  • Any other ideas?  Email me and we'll award points accordingly!

You are allowed to combine things daily -- for instance, tweet and create a post on a forum and you'll get 6 points for that day!

Please leave a comment for each entry in the contest that you do.  Keep a running total as you post.
For example:
April 1: Tweeted about Crunchy Clean:   1 point   TOTAL: 1 POINT
April 2: Bought a sample on the website for myself  2 points   TOTAL: 3 POINTS
April 3: Left a review on the diaper pin 5 points   TOTAL 8 POINTS