Friday, November 21, 2008

An Ode to Biokleen's Bacout

For everything I can think of, bacout has some sort of use. INCLUDING cloth diapers! I use it often for our CDs - I soak overnight to get rid of stains, and I recommend it to mommas who are having ammonia or stinky problems. One of the leading causes of those problems in cloth diapers is bacteria build up in microfiber so soaking in bacout kills all that bacteria and typically solves the problem.

According to their product description, "Bac-Out's live enzyme-producing cultures attack pet, food, and beverage stains, organic waste, and odor until they are gone, digesting them back to nature, safely and naturally.
Bac-Out is safe to use around children and pets, even birds. "

My favorite uses for bacout:
  1. Stinky diapers - spray 2-3 squirts in prewash!
  2. Stained diapers - spray 2-3 squirts in sink and let diapers soak!
  3. Carpet stains - spray and let sit for 10 minutes and then scrub! MIRACLE!
  4. Garbage disposal, stinky sink drain, trash can, and mildew around the bathtub!
I absolutely suggest picking up a bottle, just be sure to rinse well so your baby doesn't get a rash!

I get it at our local organic/natural grocery store or online at various places including!

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